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[new project] “OCT Harbour 2.0” Complex Enters Second Phase in “Eastern Manhattan”

Project Information:

OCT (Overseas Chinese Town) group confirmed the cooperation with government leaders of Bao’an District in September 2015 to build an upgraded version of OCT Harbour in Bao’an Coastal Center in international standards. The project includes entertainment zone, recreation zone, coastal leisure and tourism zone, and cultural square closely connected with the greening axis. Up to May 2016, the first phase had ended and the second one will start with the planning of the ocean and land.

  • Bird’s Eye view of OCT Harbour


    As one of the nine world-class harbours, Qianhai bay which adjoins Bao’an center, stands side by side with Manhattan. Thus, it is widely regarded as “Eastern Manhattan”. Adjacent to HongKong, Macau and Pearl River Port, Bao’an central area shoulders the international dream of Shenzhen’s next 30 years.

  • Public Square in OCT Harbour

    Hua Club in OCT Harbour

  • The project is aimed to be a cultural label of Bao’an central area and a unique high-end entertainment and leisure center for citizens. As one of the city’s key construction projects, it has got great attention from Bao’an district and even the whole city.

  • Marriot Hotel in OCT Harbour

    Inside Marriot Hotel

  • About OCT Harbour:

    OCT Harbour, the urban complex of OCT group and ran by Shenzhen OCT Urban Entertainment Investment Company, is located in the central area of Shenzhenwan business district where Shenzhen is devoted to build high-quality cultural tourism and international creative living space center.

    OCT Harbour Shopping Center - O’ Plaza

  • Under an ocean theme, OCT Harbour consists of retail, restaurant, entertainment, office, hotel, wetland park and practices a brand-new business model of integrating commerce, entertainment, tourism and ecology to promote the innovation and development of Chinese theme business.


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